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Spirits is a unique and captivating painting on stretched canvas, featuring multicoloured "figures" that exude an almost spooky and mysterious vibe. The black background adds to the eerie atmosphere, while the fractured edges give it a raw and distinctive touch. With its ability to evoke an otherworldly ambiance anywhere it is displayed, Spirits made me think of the Studio Ghibli movie Spirited Away. 


Spirits was part of a series created whilst I was working out the materials I needed to use to get the effects I wanted. The fracturing around the edges of the figures is the result of using two different flow mediums and mixes of acrylics. I loved the result so much that I did a variety of paintings as part of this series, including Flow the Line, and Azalea.


This is an original, and as such, there is only one. But fear not, prints in a variety of sizes are available for this piece.


  • Acrylic paints on canvas

  • Yes, you can find the, in a range of sizes here.

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