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"Cloudy Flow" was created while I was working on a series exploring conflicting colours. My bases were a range of different blues, contrasting against a vibrant orange. One of the great things about marbled and flow works is that you can never predict how they're going to end up. When exploring blue and orange, I didn't expect for the white and black elements to take over the canvas in such an interesting way. Only hints of the blues and oranges remain, giving it an air of mystery and depth.


This piece is 10x10 inches with an extra deep canvas width, giving it a classy feeling that would look excellent on your wall as is, but would also look great with a frame.


This is an original, so there's only one. I don't currently have prints for this but if you're interested in a print rather than an original, get in touch and I can see about organising prints.

Cloudy Flow

  • Acrylic paints on canvas

  • Not at this time.

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