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Rings of magenta and blue from an over-the-cup pour on a white background. Universal was my first experiment with interrupted flow. Pouring the colours individually over the top of a cup and allowing the ridges and textures of the cup to influence where the paint goes and how it pools. This experiment could only turn out this well as I've spent considerable time working out the best mix for my acrylic paints and how to make them flow. I love the way the pink and dark blue meld and transition together creating a lovely shape and depth and then it's intercut and contrasting with the light blue that cuts through in twisting ribbons.


This piece is an original and there will only ever be one that looks just like this. I do however, have prints of this one in various sizes that can be found here.


  • Acrylic paints on canvas

  • Yes. Find various sizes of prints here.

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