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Flow painting in shades of pink, purple and gold on a white background


Painting | Calligraphy | Characters | Commissions



I've been creating art for several years now, including my time as a graphic designer for a Non-Profit Organisation. It has always been the case that I can sink hours into my art, entirely escaping reality for brief periods of time. I've filled pages of sketchbooks with detailed line drawings. Finding a way to transfer that medium and technique to a canvas has been a process for a number of years. Finding a way to combine Flow Art and Patterns has taken time and experimentation.

The Pandemic allowed me to really start to experiment with my art, and it helped immensely with my mental health. So much so, I decided it was time to forsake all others and focus solely on my artistic endeavors. I'm pleased that I can now offer Custom Art.

I work primarily in acrylic paints on canvas, but I've dabbled in a range of materials and techniques, including POSCA markers (other brands of paint markers are available haha) to create new and interesting pieces. Check out my Instagram to see my latest work! I have art for sale and commissions are available.




Based in NSW Australia


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